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Sling 2 - Johannesburg to Brussels 2015


We all know by now that not having a trip to plan for, makes James and Mike unhappy boys indeed.

So, in the spirit of previous TAF adventures, a decision was made over a couple of beers that, instead of shipping a newly built Sling 2 to Belgium, James would take the "customer acceptance flight" to a new level. He's doing this by flying the new owner to Belgium, via the East Coast of Africa. So, in the second week of May this year, James Pitman and Pierre van Wetter will be flying a Sling 2 to SONACA in Belgium!

This webpage will serve as the virtual home of all those who are interested in the progress of the trip, from before the wheels even leave the ground.

Indigosat Tracking Module Data

Below is a screen-grab of the final INDIGOSAT tracking data at the end of this EPIC JOURNEY!


Day 1: Final Preparations Well Underway

Monday 4th May 2015

Estimated Time of Departure 16:30

Well, final preparations are underway here at The Airplane Factory, with both pilots and the aircraft going through the motions.

IMG 0225 New Resized

James and Pierre going through the motions while enjoying some lunch.


Day 2: Polokwane to Dar es Salaam

Before their 06:33 local departure time out of Polokwane, James and Pierre had to clear Customs and Immigration just like any other passenger or crew member crossing the border.

Here is a couple of snaps of them while waiting to depart on their journey to Dar es Salaam, which will take approximately 10.5 Hours.


Day 2: Highlights

With a 10.5 hour flight over some beautiful terrain, with some gorgeous weather to boot, there is bound to be a photo or two!

So here they are: photographic highlights of the Polokwane to Dar-es-Salaam leg!

Although James and Pierre are exhausted from the trip, they have promised to send us a write-up from the trip as soon as possible. As soon as we have, we will post it here for everyone to see.


Day 3: Day off in Dar-es-Salaam

We'll be updating day 3 with some stories and photos as soon as they become available.

For now, James and Pierre are focusing their energy on the nasty cells sitting quite comfortably around Dar and along their route.


Day 4: Update from James and Pierre

Weather delayed in Dar-es-Salaam

The weather around Dar and along the route to Addis is not playing ball, and James and Pierre have made the correct decision to stay put in Dar until it clears to a satisfactory level in order to proceed.

Below is an update from James and Pierre, along with a collection of photos from their day off yesterday and their weather-induced delay today:


Weekend Highlights

With James and Pierre currently on their way to Crete from Khartoum, we thought we'd take the time to update everyone on the highlights from this weekend.

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