Day 4: Update from James and Pierre

Weather delayed in Dar-es-Salaam

The weather around Dar and along the route to Addis is not playing ball, and James and Pierre have made the correct decision to stay put in Dar until it clears to a satisfactory level in order to proceed.

Below is an update from James and Pierre, along with a collection of photos from their day off yesterday and their weather-induced delay today:

"OK, so here we are stuck in Dar es Salaam, with the weather looking like it may be set in for a few days. Hhhmmmm.

We refuelled yesterday, to the brim, paid our fees (Tanzania is quite strict and expensive – USD180 in all for the flight permissions, navigation fees, landing and parking. Fuel on top of that. Mogas USD1 per litre, Avgas USD2 per litre). We're all ready to take off, but it rained non-stop for 12 hours and was pouring when we woke up this morning. We'll try again tomorrow.

Weather is also not great on the Addis Ababa side, so we need to beware both ends. The flight is only about 8 hours, though, and we've 18 hours of fuel, so we can do a few detours for rain if necessary!

Please hold thumbs for tomorrow. We'll go to the airport early and take any gap we get. Fortunately the clouds stop just past Mombasa, so if we can get through to there at least the middle section will be fine.

More later.

A bientot

James and Pierre


Weather JPG

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