Flight from Luanda, Angola to Accra, Ghana

We were up at 4am local time this morning to try get some weather reports from the airport as the internet in our hotel was too slow to do anything for us last night. But the airport controllers could only give us a standard Metar reading for Accra for the morning, but nothing for later in the evening when we would be arriving.

At around 9am Avgas was rolled to us in large 200 litre barrels covered in dust and pumped with a primitive hand pump like we were drilling for water a thousand years ago. Under the dust on the top of the barrel I could see that the fuel had expired last year... And just because everything's old and it's a shithole of a city don’t make it cheap. If you do decide to fly your Sling via Luanda be prepared to fork out those big dollar bills.

A massive thank you to Sias and Andrew for helping us with the weather throughout the flight and the logistics on Accra's side. You’re champions. And another massive thank you to Sue and Kristen for the batches of biscuits – breakfast, lunch and dinner. As for the flight, we hit a few tail winds and some head winds toward the end, but overall it was an uneventful flight over the ocean with the odd oil tanker doing it's thing. Tomorrow's weather to Dakar looks good, up at 5:30, so it's to bed for us with a beer for dinner :)

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