2 April 2011 - In the lap of luxury in Nairobi

Another perfect day in Africa! Finally, having left the airfield at 20h30 we're settled into Cassie's place, "the Sugar Bowl" in Langata, Nairobi. We've decided to report on the day backwards, since things have definitely got better and better as the hours have passed! So here goes -

Just finished up a feast of rare roast beef, salad, baked potatoes, lots of good wine and wonderful company with hyena, warthogs and Leopards on the lawn. Here because of the great hospitality of the Kenyan friends who picked us up, unexpectedly, at Nairobi Wilson. Lucky there too, because firstly we had a puncture when we landed, and then there's no avgas in Kenya, and there hasn't been for weeks. Without some inside help we would've been bugg.....d. Anyhow, we were lifted backwards and forwards to the petrol station to fetch unleaded mogas instead and our right main wheel tube was patched in short time.

The flight was uneventful, though into a headwind the whole way. The weather got better and better as the day progressed, so the morning was really pretty stormy, especially over the ITCZ, at 10 degrees south. We dodged, swerved, flew through clouds and light rain and generally just sneaked through the sky trying to avoid trouble. Our weather advisor referred to the "blossoming CB's" in the convergence zone. Quite poetic.

We were up at 06h00, still tired and the mist cleared just before take-off at Kamuzu International, Lilongwe, just in time to let us sneak out ahead of their first commercial flight.

So that was the day. Here're some photos to give a better idea. Now to bed to prepare for the long, long day tomorrow. Headwinds of more than 12 knots will result in our falling short on fuel. So if we're doing less than 90 knots on the tracker, hold thumbs for our escape from the desert!

James and Mike

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