Day 6 (16 July 2015) Barbados - Bahamas

When we arrived in Barbados it was a bit of a struggle getting through the airport and to help things along we paid a handler $50 to give us a landing and take-off number and some advice. When we left it was really easy – we practically walked right through. We didn't have to pay landing fees because our 700 kg aircraft was below the weight limit. It is getting easier as we get closer to the USA.

Landing in Exuma in The Bahamas was even easier. As we landed the fuel truck pulled up, we filled up, tied down and then within 10 minutes we were through and in a taxi on our way to George Town. The weather was perfect, the sun bright, the sea a sparkling turquoise colour and the taxi driver a 75 year old local with lots of stories and a prostate problem.

The flight from Barbados to Exuma took 10 hours. It was easy but we did have to dodge the odd rainshower and clouds here and there. We spoke to Miami radio more than Nassau although they were much further away I guess because they have much more powerful radios. For the first time we noticed a lot more boats on the sea. At one time we flew past a large container ship and I wondered if we had a problem right then if I would be able to land it on top of
the containers on the deck. These thoughts do wander through your mind sometimes when you are way out there over the sea.

Because the water is warm, we just wore life jackets and no survival suits. The suits are important if you find yourself in really cold water to give yourself a better chance of living past 1 hour.

The thing that struck us as we arrived in The Bahamas was the different azure and turquoise colours of the sea. I want to live there just so that I can swim in that water. We did swim by the way. The water was warm and clear but there seem to be absolutely no fish. As a swimmer and a non-fisherman I mostly worry about sharks and other fish that maim, and eat you.

Our hotel was OK but expensive for my South African financial means and sense. We walked into George Town sober had a meal and then walked back less sober. If you like a light tasting white lager then most of them taste the same no matter where in the world they are brewed. Still it's nice to drink the local brew. Patrick doesn't drink so he is always the designated driver which is damn good of him. To not drink.

After flying around Exuma and the local Cays to enjoy the view one last time we passed over the airport and asked the controller to activate our flight plan for Key West. USA next!


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