Update from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Update from James from Colombo, Sri Lanka:

Seychelles here we come. (I hope – I’m an optimist after all!).

I’m sitting in bed, next to Patrick, with an hour left in the Transit Hotel, Bandaranaike International, Sri Lanka.

Our plan to land, refuel and head immediately for Seychelles didn’t work out because of what looked like quite seriously shitty weather that one wouldn’t really want to fly through at night just off the Sri Lankan coast. So you pay USD55 for each 6 hour period in this hotel, apron side of immigration, and our time’s about to run out.

They’ve flipping raped us here – not because they’re nasty, but just because they’re really not set up for GA. So everything costs. Minimum landing fee is USD250. Then the coach from your plane to the terminal is USD20 each way. Then handling’s compulsory – min fee USD150. Chocks and marshalling (“Take them out you c...), USD40 etc. Fuel only in 200 liter drums (all or nothing, we require 300 liters!) USD3.10 a liter. Hhhhhmmm. So once again that thing of wanting to experience different places, but also feeling pretty dissatisfied that they’re not like home!

Doggone, have to leave. Photos below, story to follow from Seychelles!

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