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Sling Africa Tour 2014 Gets Underway


15 March - sometime in the morning

So it seems everyone had a wonderfully relaxing time at Nguma lodge in the Okavango, just on the western panhandle. Some of the crew flew back into Maun on Friday to buy much needed supplies (mostly beer) and deal with affairs back home. Then off North to Kasane in teh Chobe National Reserve for the next leg of the Sling Africa tour. IT look like they encountered some localised storms en-route  with some quite interesting flying conditions, but all arrived safely and in good spirits. The team has two days in Kasane before they depart for Vic Falls for the last destination on their tour. More news to follow in the next couple of days


13 March - 16:00 ZULU

So its been a long day then for the Slingers on their way to the swamps. Looks like they were held up at Maun International for quite a while this afternoon, and only managed to get out of there at 15;30 ZULU (17:30 local). We suspect that they had problems with their over flight permissions. The Bots officials are very sticky when it comes to NTCA aircraft especially when they are flying over the swamps.

The flight to Nguma Camp is only 100nm or so though so they should be sitting around a camp fire drinking beer very shortly. News of the days flight and photos will follow on Friday morning.


13 March - 08:00 ZULU

The Sling Africa Tour 2014 departure is delayed by a couple of hours due to low level mist at the The Airplane Factory. The teams are however in good spirits and enjoying thier last cups of coffee before departure. James is also as always late, but has made his customary phone call to check that "somebody" has packed and fueled up ZU TAF.
If anyone wants to track the progress of the intrepid team click in the "TRACK OUR PROGRESS" button on the home page. The Username is - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and password is - indigosat

Feel free to post any message you want to the team in the comments box. Just login, or register if you have not already

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