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The Sling TSi, like its predecessors, has received critical acclaim for its capabilities, effortless handling and all-round functionality. The name ‘TSi’ is a homage to its Rotax 915 iS engine and marks a new chapter in TAF’s vision to build the world’s most loved light aircraft.

Mike Blyth, founder of The Airplane Factory had this to say of their latest development; "The brand-new Sling TSi stands out as the new standard for 4-seat experimental aircraft. It outperforms most others in every way. Compared to previous models it has increased speed, increased rate of climb, longer range, increased carrying capacity, more space and greater comfort all whilst flying the best handling aircraft in its class!"

The Sling TSi is powered by a 141hp Rotax 915 iS Fuel Injected Turbo Charged Engine burning just 8 gph (31 lt/hr) in the cruise. During test flights, the aircraft reached a maximum straight and level speed of 155 KTAS and has a range of 800 Nm. With its luxurious cabin, low fuel burn and Garmin avionics, it will please private pilots and flight-training organisations alike. This 4-place aircraft comes standard with a bespoke 3 blade Airmaster constant speed propeller, Garmin 10 inch G3X touch EFIS, Garmin G5 backup EFIS, Garmin GTR 200 COM radio, Garmin GTX 35R remote transponder, Garmin autopilot system with GMC 307 autopilot controller and PM 1000 II 4-place intercom.

The completely redesigned exterior features high quality materials and design integrity, as well as great practicality and a range of technologies to improve comfort, convenience and safety.
The result is an aircraft with an uncompromising mission: To offer unrivalled performance, safety and reliability in the hands of all pilots no matter the mission.

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The Sling was designed with the aim of creating the most practical and desirable light sport aircraft available.

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Some of the characteristics which make the Sling range unique:

The Sling's flying characteristics make for a perfectly coordinated, highly responsive control setup. This gives her the distinct qualities of a fighter jet aircraft, while not being overly sensitive.

The Sling's performance matches and outdoes almost every aircraft in its class, while being highly economical and fun to fly.

Its aluminum construction makes for ease and consistency of construction, while offering proven strength and a longer lifespan than some of our composite rivals.

The Sling's airframe strength and durability means that she won’t break easily and, if you treat her right, she’ll last you for the rest of your life

Her excellent instrumentation options make for a very unique, state-of-the-art flying experience, at a fraction of the cost of our certified competitors.

The wide cockpit, excellent all around view and substantial luggage capacity make the Sling a very comfortable, yet versatile aircraft.

The incorporation, by design, of a ballistic parachute, makes the Sling an exceptionally safe aircraft to fly.


The Sling TSi is our new addition to the Sling light sports aircraft family, featuring 4-seats and
powered by a 141hp Rotax 915 iS Fuel Injected Turbo Charged Engine.
To view the Sling TSi's Specifications and Performance, please right click on the icon below, select "save target as" and save the PDF to view it later.

pdfSling TSi Brochure / pdfSling TSi Specifications

Standard equipped empty weight 1,080 lbs / 490 kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight 2,094 lbs / 950 kg
Maximum Useful load 1,014 lbs / 460 kg
Manufacturer Bombardier‐Rotax GmbH
Model 915 iS
Horsepower 142 hp @ 5 500 rpm (Continuous)
Wingspan 31 ft 2 in / 9.5 m
Length 23 ft 5 in / 7.175 m
Height 5 ft 9 in / 1.81 m
Cabin Width 44 in / 1.8 m
Maximum Allowable Speed (Vne) 145 ktas / 167 mph
Cruise Speed - 75% Power - 6000ft AMSL 135 kias / 155 mph
Stall Speed - Clean 57 ktas / 66 mph
Stall Speed - Full Flaps 45 kcas / 52 mph
Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind 15 ktas / 17 mph
Landing Distance - Braked 558 ft / 170 m
Rate of Climb - Sea Level 1000 fpm
Maximum Operating Altitude 18,000 ft / 5,486 m
Limit loads +3.8 g and -1.9 g
Wing loading 82.54 kg/m²
Power loading 6.74 kg/hp



Specs & Performance

Specs & Performance

The Sling can be flown either as a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) or as a Very Light Aircraft (VLA)

The Sling can be flown either as a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) or as a Very Light Aircraft (VLA)

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