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No single aircraft can fulfill the special needs of every pilot.

Nevertheless, The Airplane Factory believes that the Sling 2 enjoys a set of qualities that will fulfill the needs, at the highest level, of many pilots and flight training schools.

The Sling comprises a stressed skin semi-monocoque structure, precision punched from sheet aluminium by CNC punch. Punching is so precise that no drilling-out or de-burring is required. Parts go together much as with a child’s "Mechano" toy. The entire build is light, precise and simple, even for beginners to manage.


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  • landing-gear

    Robust undercarriage


    Warp drive propeller

  • control-panel

    Perfect ergonomics


    Adjustable seats and pedals


    Seat colours

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The Sling was designed with the aim of creating the most practical and desirable light sport aircraft available.


Some of the features which make the Sling such a fine aircraft include:

The Sling's flying characteristics make for a perfectly coordinated, highly responsive control setup. This gives her the distinct qualities of a fighter jet aircraft, while not being overly sensitive.

The Sling's performance matches and outdoes almost every aircraft in its class, while being highly economical and fun to fly.

Its aluminum construction makes for ease and consistency of construction, while offering proven strength and a longer lifespan than some of our composite rivals.

The Sling's airframe strength and durability means that she won’t break easily and, if you treat her right, she’ll last you for the rest of your life

Its excellent instrumentation options make for a very unique, state-of-the-art flying experience, at a fraction of the cost of our certified competitors.

The wide cockpit, excellent all around view and substantial luggage capacity make the Sling a very comfortable, yet versatile aircraft.

The incorporation, by design, of a ballistic parachute, makes the Sling an exceptionally safe aircraft to fly.

The use of high quality components throughout gives you, the owner, the peace of mind that you deserve, when making this kind of investment.

Specs & Performance

Specs & Performance

The Sling can be flown either as a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) or as a Very Light Aircraft (VLA)

The Sling can be flown either as a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) or as a Very Light Aircraft (VLA)

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