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  • Below are the various kits available for the Sling 2, as well as any optional extras available.  Click on the appropriate options you want in order to get an idea of the total cost of your order.

    Kit builders do not only receive support from the friendly staff at The Airplane Factory, but you also have support through the extensive kit building manual supplied with your kit and our Kit Build Channel on YouTube, supplying you with informative videos which assist in building your Sling kit.

    View the video channel by clicking here »

  • Kits Available

    Empennage Kit:
    Kit for construction of complete horizontal and vertical stabilisers, rudder and elevators, hinges, control connectors, trim tab, composite tips.
    Wing Kit:
    Kit for construction of complete set of wings, including already assembled main spars, flaps, ailerons, hinges, bellcranks, fuel tanks, pitot mount brackets, composite wing tips.
    Fuselage Kit:
    Kit for construction of complete forward, mid and rear fuselage, including fully assembled centre spar, rear spar, seats, all control mechanisms (throttle, brake, stick, pedals etc), firewall, engine mount attached to firewall.
    Undercarriage Kit:
    Complete undercarriage kit including main and front gear, main gear mount bolts, front spring & related parts, wheels, tyres, tubes, axles, bearings, hydraulic brake system.
    Canopy and Instrument Panel Kit:
    Complete canopy kit including slider, front and main canopy frames, front windscreen, main canopy, closing panels
    Final assembly and finishing Kit:
    Kit includes everything required to effect final assembly of aircraft, including nose cowling, all composite closing fairings, pushrod assemblies, related rivets and hardware
  • Extras

    Kit packed in separate cardboard & plywood boxes - required for freighting
    ROTAX 912 ULS 100 hp engine
    Firewall Forward Kit - Rotax 912 ULS (exhaust, radiators, suspension frame etc.)
    Fuel system including aux fuel pump, selector valve etc.
    Warp Drive propellor, prop extension, spinner
    MGL EFIS system complete plus backup analogue flight instruments
    MGL V6 Radio, VHF antenna (includes internal intercom)
    Electrics, switches, circuit breakers, batteries, wires, actuators etc.
    Landing lights
    Airframe components, wheel spats, steps etc.
    Leather upholstery, carpets etc.
    Extras, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, covers etc.
    Documentation, fees & inspections
    Paint (estimate)
    Tools, clecos, pneumatic riveter etc.


    ROTAX 912 iS 100 hp fuel injected engine
    Firewall Forward Kit - Rotax 912 iS (exhaust, radiators, suspension frame etc.)
    Fuel system for Rotax 912 iS
    ROTAX 914 UL 115 hp turbo charged engine
    Firewall Forward Kit - Rotax 914 UL (radiators, suspension frame etc.)
    Fuel system for Rotax 914 UL
    Airmaster constant speed propellor kit
    Trig transponder with antenna and harness
    Auto Pilot system
    Aveo triple PowerBurst LED strobe and nav light system with lifetime warranty
    Parachute recovery system with mount and cables

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