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The Sling 4 is our new addition to the Sling light sports aircraft family, featuring 4-seats.
To view the Sling 2's Specifications and Performance, please right click on the icon below, select "save target as" and save the PDF to view it later.

pdfSling 4 Specifications and Performance

Standard Empty Weight 1036lbs | 470kg
Maximum Useful Load 992lbs | 450kg
Mximum Takeoff Weight 2028lbs | 920kg
Manufacturer Bombardier‐Rotax GmbH
Model 914UL
Horsepower 115hp | 84.5kW @ 5 800 rpm (Max. 5 mins)
100hp | 73.5kW @ 5 500 rpm (Continuous)
Wingspan 32ft 8in | 9.965m
Length 23ft 5in | 7.1m
Height 8ft | 2.45m
Cabin Width 43.8in | 1.11m
Maximum Allowable Speed (Vne) 135 KIAS | 161 MPH
Cruise Speed - 75% Power - 6000ft AMSL 120 KTAS | 138 MPH
Stall Speed - Clean 47 KCAS | 54 MPH
Stall Speed - Full Flaps 42 KCAS | 48 MPH
Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind Component 15 KCAS | 17 MPH
Takeoff Ground Roll - Concrete 700ft | 213m
Landing Distance - Braked 500ft | 152m
Rate of Climb - Sea Level 750fpm
Maximum Operating Altitude 15,000ft
Range @ 75% Power with 45min Reserve 780nm | 1450km



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