Distributors Application

Airplane Factory Distributor Application

The following requirements will be taken into account in appointing TAF distributors

  • Experience in importing and selling aircraft.
  • Commercial attractiveness of location.
  • An established professional status in the aviation industry – ie: full-time commitment to the industry.
  • Established premises on an airfield with hangar and high quality office facilities.
  • The existence of facilities and staff to assemble, test fly and maintain aircraft.
  • Piloting experience / the employment of experienced pilots.
  • Good working relationships with persons in the industry and with the local – regional civil aviation authorities.
  • A commitment to purchase of at least one Airplane Factory aircraft, which must be kept in pristine condition.
  • The willingness and ability to obtain certification approval for Airplane Factory products in the country in question so that the products can be freely used and sold in the country. The Airplane Factory will assist in this regard.
  • The holding of necessary trading, operating and other licenses to be able to legally conduct business in the aviation sector.
  • The willingness to advertise Airplane Factory products in national aviation publications each month.
  • A willingness and ability to create an ongoing and developing interest in Airplane Factory products by writing editorials, hosting events, workshops etc.
  • A willingness to attend and display Airplane Factory products at all major airshows and aviation events in the country / region in question.
  • The maintenance of a modern and regularly updated website.
  • A willingness to commit to meeting agreed sales quotas of Airplane Factory aircraft annually.
  • The absence of an interest in products which compete with Airplane Factory products.
  • A strong reputation for service excellence and customer support or the ability to develop this.

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